Couples who are down to hike to an amazing location for their engagement session and change on the side of a mountain into a flowy dress. They are the people who dance the entire reception of their wedding, singing the lyrics to every song possible, they hike, they explore and are down for last minute adventures -  those are my people. 

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I love...

CAFFEINE - coffee, espresso, basically anything that is caffeinated (except pop) I love. 

PLANTS -  I am the type of person who goes to Lowes and reduces all the dead plants and brings them back to life. 

MOUNTAINS - I would much rather spend a vacation in the mountains rather than the beach. .. I know some would disagree.

SKYDIVING -  I went skydiving for my 18th birthday and I want to go again because..adrenaline folks.  

DOGS -  One thing... Dogs >>>> cats. I've always grown up with a dog and I couldn't image anything different.